January 27 /// 9:15 & 11 am
Will Graham, grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, asked his grandfather for advice and guidance as he prepared to pick up the mantle of revival preaching for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Sitting in front of the fireplace in the log home he had lived in since the 1950s, Will’s grandad gave this advice, “Pray, pray, pray! … We could have done so much more if we had taken fewer speaking engagements and spent more time on our knees in earnest prayer.”
As we get ready to launch out on a vision journey this Sunday that will carry us to 2030, I want to ask you to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Spend some time this weekend preparing your heart and mind to hear from the Lord. God has so much ahead for Christ Place Church, and we will only go as far as our prayer life and dependency on God will carry us. I love you. I’m praying for you. God is doing a new thing in our midst, and I am more expectant than ever and ready to follow Him in the vision He has placed in my heart. Will you join me on Vision Sunday with openness, expectancy, and eagerness to embrace all that God has for Christ Place?
-Pastor Jeff

Every Place message series launching

January 27 – March 3
Six messages from Luke’s Gospel to teach our church’s unique mission and vision and to live it out personally.