Children need families. There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care in the US. In Hall County alone, there are more than 300 children in foster care on any given day. Millions of children wait to be adopted worldwide, yet less than 2% of our population will foster or adopt. We are seeing God work in our church family and community. Lives are being changed as many families answer God’s call to foster and adopt. If you’re praying about opening your home to a child or children, let us help you get started in your journey.


We don’t all have the calling to foster or adopt, but we all can do something for orphans and the families who care for them. Here are some ways to show the love of Christ to foster/adoptive families:

  • Join a prayer team
  • Make meals for a family
  • Provide a respite by babysitting children
  • Tutor a struggling student

For more information email:

To register for a meeting go here.

Meeting Schedule:

November 18th Meeting

Time: 6:30pm
Location: New Choir Room

November 22nd Meeting

Time: 12:30pm (right after church)
Location: New Choir Room
Lunch provided
Childcare Available — sign up on registration form here.