Family Life
Current Message Series
April 11-May 23

“…male and female He created them. And God blessed them.” – Genesis 1:27-28

Our families can often resemble the Game of Life. From college to retirement, life is filled with work, relationships, kids, vacations, taxes, celebrations, stresses, and the list goes on. God designed our Family Life to reflect our relationship with Him. Men and women, boys and girls are called by God to live out His truth in family relationships. And when we follow God’s design, His blessings await.


Join us for each of these messages in the Family Life series.

Sunday, April 18 – Married Life.
Sunday, April 25 – Married Life with Kids.
Sunday, May 2 – Dad Life.
Sunday, May 9 – Mom Life.
Sunday, May 16 – Single Life.
Sunday, May 23 – Family Life Seasons.