Every Place
Current Message Series


What would God do in and through our lives if we made Christ’s mission our mission? If we live to saturate the places we go with the presence of Christ? The place where you live and work. The place where you vacation. Maybe even a place the Lord wants to send you this year on a mission trip. At Christ Place, we have a God-sized vision. But it’s more than a lofty goal. It’s something we are taking practical steps to accomplish


6 messages from Luke’s Gospel to teach Christ Place followers our church’s unique mission and vision and to live it out personally.
January 27 – March 3



Sunday, January 27

Sermon: Christ In Every Place.     Text: Luke 4
Sermon Synopsis – Jesus begins His ministry. His mission/vision were publicly declared in Luke 4:18-21. From this place, His ministry was launched going to EVERY PLACE proclaiming the Gospel. In this message, we will paint a picture of Christ Place in every place, solve a problem, stir hearts and communicate God-sized vision.

Sunday, February 3

Sermon: The Five.     Text: Luke 5
Sermon Synopsis- in Luke 5, five people were transformed by Jesus Christ: Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew. Jesus desires to use us. He must get us in the right place, and then He launches us out. His mission becomes ours. An intro to “Who are your FIVE this year?” will conclude this message.

Sunday, February 10

Sermon: Taking Christ To Every Place.     Text: Luke 10
Sermon Synopsis- Jesus is discipling others to join Him on mission. He puts together a group of 12 (Lk. 9). Next, He puts together a group of over 70. He is sending them out to live it out. In this message, we continue to talk the why and what of our 10-year vision and one-year mission (OUR FIVE). Conclude message with a re-introduction of the B.L.E.S.S. strategy.

Sunday, February 17

Sermon: Go Bless Some Places.     Text: Luke 6
Sermon Synopsis- Jesus invested in His disciples teaching them specifically how He wanted them to live it out. The distinction of this lifestyle will be most obvious. This message will be heavy in the practical as we dial in to living our B.L.E.S.S. strategy with OUR FIVE.

Sunday, February 23

Sermon: The Place No One Wants To Go.     Text: Luke 16
Sermon Synopsis- Ultimately, the message of the gospel is to keep people out of Hell. Hell is a real place. It’s also a motivation for us to be tethered to our mission and vision. The message brings us back to the real motivation of everything we do at Christ Place.

Sunday, March 3

Sermon: The Feeding of the Five Thousand.     Text: Luke 9
Sermon Synopsis: The concluding message in the Every Place series. All four gospel writers tell this story, when Christ fed the five thousand. We will communicate the story from Luke’s account. This is our big Sunday at Christ Place where we will feed 5,000 and love on our community.