At Christmas, we Christ-followers are all celebrating the same thing —the gift of Jesus given to the whole world — and we all celebrate in our own way. Maybe your Christmas is thoughtful, serene, and warm as a cup of cocoa. Maybe your Christmas is slammed full of tree lighting, gift wrapping, and most of all, sugar! However you like to celebrate Christmas, there’s one thing we all can do, don’t miss it!

At Christ Place, we’re crafting a Christmas with all of the good stuff.


Don’t Miss Christmas

We all know how it goes. We begin the Christmas season with high expectations to enjoy each moment of Christmas to the fullest. But then, amid the bustle and busyness, we miss it. In this series, we’ll see how we can truly experience the miracle of Christmas. Let’s come together to prepare our hearts to worship, love, and give during the most wonderful time of the year.

December 29 — Week 5: Keep It Going


DECEMBER 24, 2 & 4 pm | Worship Center

Christmas Eve Worship

There’s nothing like the anticipation of Christmas Eve — just one more day of waiting until the biggest and best day of the year! Christmas is all about God coming to be with you. We celebrate that God sent His Son Jesus because He loves us so much. As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we will see God’s story of hope told through baptism, and we’ll sing out our worship in candlelit carols. So, we hope you’ll make this service part of your Christmas tradition. Bring your family and friends of all ages to experience Christmas Eve at Christ Place.


Holiday Schedule Updates

12.24-27- Church offices closed
12.24- Christmas Eve services at 2:00 and 4:00 pm
12.25- Merry Christmas! No Midweek activities
12.29 Regular AM worship services, no on-campus groups
12.31-1.2- Happy New Year’s! Church offices closed