World Changer

by Pastor Rick Hermann

It’s fun to say we want to be a world changer. It sounds HUGE! When we say world changer, it makes us feel like our lives have global consequences. It makes us feel like who we are and what we do matters. We all want to matter. 

If you want to have a big impact, you need to think smaller. We should never despise small things and small beginnings. Jesus takes the small things that we give Him, and He multiplies them. A little boy with five small loaves and two small fish in the hands of Jesus would feed over 5,000. Being a world changer means we take the small things given to us and we use them to honor Jesus. 

Being a world changer always starts small. In the Christian life, being a world changer starts with just two small letters. 


Go is a small word with a big impact. 

Go is permission.

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.” When Jesus said GO, the church got its permission slip. You got your permission slip. I have a three-year-old who has been potty trained for over a year, but she still comes to me anytime she has to go to the bathroom. With a panicked face she says, “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom!”  I look back at her and grab her little face and say “Go!” 

 I have told her multiple times that she doesn’t need to ask me permission to go to the bathroom. My older kids never have to ask permission to take out the trash, clean their rooms, wash the dishes, or clean out the garage. They have already been given permission to do what is helpful for our family’s little ‘kingdom.’

 Jesus has given you permission to engage in the mission of changing the world. 

Go is a push.

Jesus said GO, and the church got its push. I have often dropped my children off when they were young at school or in church, and they were very nervous about going in the room. New kids and unfamiliar faces made them nervous. They didn’t want to let go of me. Nervousness kept them from moving forward, and I had to give a gentle push and tell them, “go.” 

Maybe today the Lord is giving you a gentle push to GO and do what He has called you to do. You have to stop letting fear hold you back. Go. 

Go is a command!

Go can also be something we say in a very forceful way. When we are in traffic and the light turns green and the person in front of us does not immediately move, we hit the horn and yell, “GO!!!” Go is a verb. It’s an action word. It’s the opposite of stop, wait, or slow down. When you go, it changes things. It changes your place. Shining the light of Jesus to every person, place, and cause cannot happen without going. 

Church, Jesus has given us permission to accomplish the mission. He has given us a push to move past our nervousness, and he has given us the command that we MUST go! Just two little letters that push us forward and empower us: GO! 

If you want to change the world, then start at home and in your community. As you put Christ first and are banded together in a group of believers, God will show you how He is calling you to fulfill His mission. You need to do it! You need to say yes to His gentle pushing to be obedient. 

You have to go to your people before every person. 

You have to go to your local places before every place. 

You have to embrace your local cause before anything global happens.

How is He compelling you to go? Say YES!