Thank you for reserving your seats!
We are excited to worship with you on our campus again!

Here’s what you need to know:

Where do I park?

When you arrive you can park anywhere on campus that you would like. If you are a guest, follow the yellow signage to the Guest Parking area. Also, let’s all observe parking signage and save our handicap parking for those who need it.

Do I need to enter the building anywhere specific?
To enter the building you will need to use the North and South Entrances only.

How will people know where to sit?

We will have section hosts who will help families properly distance themselves from other worshippers.  

Will we have childcare?

Families are encouraged to worship together. We will not have any childcare available for the services.

Will there be a way that I can use the restroom and wash my hands?

Restrooms will be available and cleaned regularly throughout the services. Hand sanitization stations will be available at all of our entrances.

Should I wear a mask when I come to church?

We encourage everyone to wear masks. Those in closest interaction with our church family will be serving with masks.

Will the coffee shop be open?

No, the Bridge Coffee Shop will be closed.

Can we hang out and fellowship before and after the services?

We ask that any “fellowship time” happen outside the building so that our sanitation team has plenty of time to clean between services.

Will we take an offering in the service?

We encourage you to give generously online. There is also a drop box located outside of the usher’s room, and offering trays will be available at the doors as people exit.