Sunday, August 11
Teachers make a life-long investment in our children, and we want toshow our appreciationto them on this special day. We want to give every one of the more than 3,000 teachers in our community a personal note and a gift card tohelp them buy school suppliesfor their classroom. We are inviting every teacher from our area to join us on this incredible day as werecognize them and pray for themas they begin a new school year. Please join us and spread the word to any teacher you know andinvite them to join you at Christ Place on August 11.

Our Goal

Show the love of Christ to teachers in our community by writing them a personal note and providing a significant financial gift to help them buy school supplies for their classroom.

How to Help

  1. Write a Note. Grab several note cards from the Teacher Appreciation displays throughout the campus, write a personal message, and return them to church no later than Sunday, August 4.
  2. Buy a Gift Card. Buy one, two, or ten gift cards if you are led to! We suggest getting gift cards to Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, etc., in amounts from $25-$100. Drop off notes with gift cards to the church no later than Sunday, August 4.
  3. Give online. Donate financially for the church to buy gift cards to give away on your behalf at our Teacher Appreciation Day. Simply go to and select “Make a Difference” from the dropdown menu.
Sample note copy:
Dear Teacher,
    We value your investment in our children! We know that you sacrifice for them and often pay for school supplies out of your own pocket. We want to help with the cost, so please accept this gift card as our expression of appreciation for all you do.