Middle School

A place for 6th-8th graders
Groups are a fun and exhilarating place for students to live out God's truth by studying His Word and engaging in community. Messages from God's Word meet our students directly where they are, in the needs, struggles, and concerns that come during this transitional time in their lives. We challenge our students to be world changers in their homes, schools, and throughout their lives.

If you have a student with special needs  please contact us.

Gather in Worship Online!
Join Us
We believe that the church is not a building or location, but God's people coming together. We will have an online worship experience every Wednesday for students that is fun, engaging, and focused on the power of God's Word. Your students will not want to miss it! Check it out on our Facebook or Instagram @christplacestudents
Groups / Sundays 9:15 & 11:00
Our Sundays focus on discipling students and encouraging them to live out God's Truth. We meet in The Venue!

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