By Joshua Martin

“He brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, ‘You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas’ which means Peter.” John 1:42

Jesus had a way of making others feel known, seen, and loved. In short, He had an incredible ability to affirm others. When Andrew brought his brother, Simon Peter, to Christ, Jesus looked at him, knew him, and changed him. Throughout His ministry, Jesus treated people as equals. He dined with sinners and tax collectors. His best friends were lowly fishermen. He loved each of them and wanted them to feel affirmed and valued.

   It can be easy for us to cast people aside based on preference. If they annoy us, we ignore them. If we don’t like them, we avoid them. Christ, however, helped others feel affirmed and valued. We must remember that someone’s eternal destination is more important than our temporary comfort or popularity. We have no right to determine who we can and can’t love or share the Gospel with.


   Give someone a kind and encouraging word today. Pray that the Lord would lead you to love someone who is difficult to love. Ask for eyes like Christ’s to see people as He sees them. Remember, it’s our job to shine the light of the Gospel to everyone we come into contact with.


Sit with someone new at lunch this week or sit with a different group of people in class. Use that as an opportunity to show Christ’s love and affirm those around you. Use it as a platform to point people to Christ.


Play with someone you don’t normally play with. Encourage them with a kind word and let them know how much Jesus loves them.


Heavenly Father, I ask You to help me see people as You do. Use me, Lord, to point someone to Christ today and be the kindness that someone needed. Don’t let me become complacent or comfortable. Lead me in affirming others the way You affirmed me.