Sermon Series: Summer Playlist
Main Text: Psalm 19

Big Idea: When we fully understand God’s power, His perfection, and His personal

nature it brings great joy.

ICE BREAKER: What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? What is your

favorite place to vacation?

Introduction: The tone and mood of Psalm 19 is extremely positive, which is a bit

different than what is seen in some of David’s other psalms. In this Psalm, David has

overwhelming joy because he understands that God knows him, and he sees God’s

majesty all around him. When something brings us joy, we want to share it with others

and that is what David is doing in this Psalm.

READ: Psalm 19

See an outline of this Psalm:

• Our God is powerful vv. 1-6

• Our God is perfect vv. 7-11

• Our God is personal vv. 12-13

1. Creation Proclaims God’s Power

David uses such poetic and beautiful imagery to describe how powerful God is. David

looks up into the heavens and it amazes him and brings him such joy. He then describes

how creation never stops pointing to its creator. When David begins to see how awesome

God is for creating everything around him, he begins to be thankful that God created him.

When you look up in the sky on a clear night or drive through the mountains and see

the beautiful creation all around you, what is one of the first things that goes through

your mind?

When you pause and reflect on the amazing creation around you, what are you most

thankful for?

With all of the amazing creation around us, why do you think people still fail to see

that there is a God who created everything we see?

2. Scripture Reveals God’s Perfection

We know God through His creation, but we also know Him through His word. God’s

word is a direct reflection of His character and His personality. By reading Scripture, we

see that God is perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, true, and righteous. In verses 10-11, David

describes the value of God’s word. He says it is more precious and it brings more

satisfaction than anything else on earth.

What is your favorite verse/chapter in the Bible? Why is that your favorite


What does it mean when someone says, “God’s word is a roadmap for our life”?

3. God is Personal

In verses 12-13, David is asking God to search him and keep him from sin. He asks for

forgiveness for unintentional sins and sins he wants to commit. When we truly

understand the depth of our sin and how much is displeases God, we want to repent and

run as far away from that sin as possible, but we cannot do so without God’s help and

having a relationship with Him.

What is one thing you learned from this Psalm this week?

God knows you and wants you to know Him. How can you better know God this week?

We have our VBS Kids Summer Days coming up at the end of July. How are you going

to serve, invite someone, and pray for this event this week?


Make a commitment to someone around you that you will read your Bible a minimum of

10 uninterrupted minutes every day for the next month. The person who you just made

that commitment to is to hold you accountable by asking you every week if you’re

reading like you promised you would.