Dear Church Family,

Easter Sunday is 10 days away! This will be a different Easter. I’ve been thinking that it will probably be more like the first-century Easter celebrations when the Lord’s Church met in homes in Jerusalem. On April 12, we will gather in hundreds of homes to worship the risen Savior. I can hardly wait!

As we prepare for Easter, our pastors have filmed daily devotions that will walk you through Jesus’ final week before His suffering, burial, and glorious resurrection. On Good Friday, April 10, I will lead our video devotion as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. To prepare, I need you to get communion supplies for your family. Pick up some grape juice and bread. You can use crackers or get a loaf of bread to tear and share with other believers in your home. If you need communion supplies, you can come by the church office during the week (M-Th, 9 am to 4 pm) and pick some up at a tent set up in front of the office building. If you cannot get out of your home or do not feel comfortable leaving your home, you can email me at, and some of our deacons will be happy to bring supplies to your home and drop them off at the door.

We are looking forward to celebrating communion with you.

Palm Sunday, April 5, begins our Easter celebration. There are new ways for you and your friends to watch our services online. All of the service opportunities and details can be found at Share this link with someone this week. It’s easy to be a digital missionary to family and neighbors. Don’t miss this opportunity.

He is Risen!

Pastor Jeff