This course is for anyone who has completed the Fundamentals course (Phase 1 training) that satisfies ACBC requirements. We are bringing a great lineup of speakers including Randy Patten and Dr. Lee Edmonds to cover a variety of topics that will greatly enhance your ability to give wise counsel from God’s Word. Below is a complete list of topics: 

Training dates:

October 15-16

November 5-6

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Listening:  A Key Skill for Counselors

Dealing with the Spiritually Cold and Rebellious

Top Mistakes Even Seasoned Counselors Make

Counseling Individuals with Divorce in Their Past

Evangelize or Disciple: Discerning a Counselee’s Spiritual Condition

Shock, talk and chemicals: A Biblical view of worldly treatments of Mental Anguish

PTSD: Processing events in a Fallen World

ADHD–Biology and the Moral imperative

Biblical Decision Making

Helping the Judgmental Counselee

Identity Crisis: “Who I am in Christ”

Counseling the Domestic Abuser*

Counseling the Abused*

Counseling Parents of Prodigal Adult Children

Trajectory:  First Four Sessions-A suggested outline of the first 4 sessions of teaching and homework

Counseling the Bizarre

What to Do with All That Information? Case Reports, A Tool, Not a Chore

Eating Disorders and Self-Harm: From Self-Fashioning to Bearing God’s Image

Suicide: When Death Seems Better Than Life